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June 26, 2012

Dual Axis Tracker System:Model TD1

 Dual Axis Tracker System:Model TD1
Dual Axis Tracker System:Model TD1
The TD1 Dual Axis Solar Tracker system moves the solar panel on both the Azimuth and the Vertical Axis following themovement of the sun during the day. Our Tracker uses an industry proven gear box and linear motor for smoothreliable movement and it is self locking for long term durability.
The TD1 Dual Axis Solar Tracker is designed for fine solar positioning. 40% Higher Power Output than the fixed structure ● High Reliablity Mechanical System

● Azimuth and Vertical Axis Rotating, Astronomic Programming by PLC

● Low Power Consumption

● Quick Mounting On Concrete Base or Ground Screw

● Center Controll and Monitoring easily and friendly.

● High Quality Component, Security, Long Life

● Easy Transportation

Dimensions: TD1-16
Product Benefit:
High Stability and Reliability 
The System driven by Astronomic Programming by PLC with GPS time updating the Gear box and Linear Motor is industry quality proven mechanical system. the self-locking function enables the tracker withstand high wind speeds.● Robust Construction 
Steel construction developed and produced for high stresses, plus hot dip galvanized structure and dacromet sealing for small hardware gives the system a very long working life.● Intelligent control equipment Center Controlled and Monitoring easy and friendly.

Simple implementation and maintenance 
The system designed with anti-corrosion and sand storm for long time working and simple maintanance

Massive reduction in installation time 

By Pre-digging ground hole or putting grounding screw, the installation without heavy equipment and time have been limited with high effective.

Single Axis Solar Tracker: Model TS 1 For Open Ground
Technical Characteristics:
Type TD1-16 TD1-36
Module Number 16 36
Module Area(m2) 30 48.6
Module Area(feet2) 322.8 522.936
Max. Power Output(KW) 4.48KW (280W/Panel) 6.48KW       (180W/Panel)
Tracker Weight(kg) 900 1350
Max. Weight Loaded(kg) 600 1300
Max. Weight Loaded(Pound) 1320 2860
Azimuth turn range(deg) 270(from -135 to +135)
Vertical turn range(deg) 135(from 15 to 150)
Accuracy(deg) ±0.25 ±0.25
Operation temperature(℃) -25 to 60 -25 to 60
Max. Wind Speed(km/h) in safety mode (0o ) 160 160
Tracker Mode Astronomic Programming by PLC with or without Solar Sensor
Additional Function Automatic adjustment, central monitoring, group control, wind sensor
Motor Consumption(W) 5 10
Installation Requirement Concrete or Grounding Screw Foundation
10 years on Structure Part, 5 years on mechanical & electrical parts, Update warranty time is availiable
Here is my CIF continental USA port pricing.  TS4 is the single axis tracker.  TD is the dual axis, 16 hold 16 panels and 36 holds 36 panels.  The last number is the square meters of the array rack.  The smaller area supports the lower watt panels up to 210 and the larger holds the 250W and higher panels.
TS4-20 20 Panel  $       3,604
TS4-50 50 Panel  $       6,514
TS4-80 80 Panel  $       9,570
TS4-100 100 Panel  $    11,484
TS4-200 200 Panel  $    21,912
TS4-300 300 Panel  $    31,746
Large Ground Screw 3 pack $          100
TD1-16-20 $       5,478
TD1-16-27 $       5,676
TD1-36-46 $       9,438
TD1-36-60 $       9,900
TD3-4C with solar sensor only $       1,078
TD3-4C with P4Q set of 10 $    10,098
Small Ground Screw $            25
Wind Sensor $          264
Please visit our website to review our solar trackers. This is a channel company that works with Orion Solar Racking 

Single Axis Tracking System

Dual Axis Tracking System



The attachment is the carport spec sheet

 The link below are the pictures.

     Orion will make your solar installation simple.
Johnny Krueger
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Johnny Krueger
Manufacturer of PV Mounting Systems
2917 Vail Ave.
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Here’s the updated version of the Jupiter series ground mount system.

     We Make Solar Installation Simple!


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